WWW Wednesday 09/05/2018

Welcome to another WWW Wednesday! This meme is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. To participate, just answer the following three questions:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


I’m currently reading…

I’m still working on my mission to catch up on all of my Book of the Month books, and Ghostedby Rosie Walsh is the current installment of that never-ending adventure. I’m about 150 pages into this one and enjoying it well enough so far. It’s basically half love story, half mystery, and the mystery is definitely more engaging than the love story.

I read The Dry, by Jane Harper with my book club a little while back and loved it, so I thought I’d give Force of Nature a try. Both books are about a detective named Aaron Falk, and while Force of Nature is billed as a sequel, it seems like it could be read as a standalone book. There are passing references to events of The Dry that might make it more enjoyable if you’ve read both books, but you won’t be lost without The Dry as a reference.

I recently finished reading…

Rust & Stardust, by T. Greenwood (reviewed here) is a novelization of the true crime that inspired Nabokov’s Lolita. The subject matter made me incredibly hesitant to pick up this book, but I’m glad I gave it a chance. Greenwood handled the topic with utmost sensitivity and respect for the victim.

The Woman in the Window, by A. J. Finn (review to come soon) was my last book in the effort to catch up on Book of the Month. This was a mystery/thriller told from the perspective of Anna Fox, an agoraphobic woman who witnesses a crime while spying through her neighbor’s window. I really loved Anna and this was a fun book, but I feel like it was maybe a little over-hyped.

Liane Moriarty has a new book coming out in November (Nine Perfect Strangers) and seeing it everywhere online got me in the mood to read another one of her books. Truly Madly Guilty (review to come soon) was my second Moriarty book. It had excellent character development and really dug into the psychology of all of the major characters (this seems to be her trademark) but I do think I preferred Big Little Lies to this one. If you haven’t read any Moriarty, I wouldn’t start with this one.

The Things We Learn When We’re Dead (reviewed here) was kindly sent to me by the author, Charlie Laidlaw. This was kind of a fun, science fiction retelling of the Wizard of Oz. Lorna Love wakes up in what she believes to be a hospital, only to find that she was hit by a car and is actually in the afterlife.

Up next…

How to Fracture a Fairy Tale, by Jane Yolen, was a NetGalley request that just came through. I love fractured fairy tales and that cover is beyond gorgeous, so I couldn’t resist.

Silent All These Years, by T. A. Massa is a repeat from last week. The author sent me an ARC of this thriller which is coming out September 13th. I should have a review up for release day!


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What are you reading this week? Any thoughts on the books listed in this post?  Please feel free to discuss or share WWW links in the comments!



12 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday 09/05/2018”

  1. So many books on this post I would want to talk to you about…lol. I too need to do a BOTM catch-up. I actually had to cancel my subscription, because I can’t help myself from getting a book every month, and they are just piling up. I’m looking forward to your “The Woman in the Window” review, as that is one of the books on my pile right now. Here is my WWW post: https://greatmorrisonmigration.wordpress.com/2018/09/05/www-wednesdays-september-5-2018/

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      1. I’ve read other books by some of these authors but none that are on your list. There are just so many that you listed that are on my TBR. I read Jane Harper’s first in the series “The Dry” and loved it, so I am looking forward to reading “Forces of Nature.”

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      2. The Dry was amazing. It was a nice one to read with a book club, too; fun discussion. I don’t think any of us saw the ending coming. And we all had fun speculating on who Lachie’s father was. Most of us thought Gretchen was lying when she said it wasn’t Luke; what do you think?

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      3. I read it for a book club as well! It was one of the highest rated book we read this year, and I think the not knowing how it was going to end was a big factor in that rating. I really can’t believe that Luke would be so attentive and supportive of Gretchen and Lachie if Lachie wasn’t his, but maybe that is a pessimistic viewpoint. My book club really had an issue with the fire scene, but other than that, we all really enjoyed it!

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      4. I can’t remember exactly what was talked about (it’s been a few months), but it had to do that if someone was threatening to set the whole town on fire, wouldn’t you start heading toward the school to help evacuate ASAP. Mostly though, the fact that Falk and the police officer were burned to save the city, but if they were on fire, wouldn’t that have set the brush on fire and spread through the town? We were just confused how they managed to prevent the disastrous fire.

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      5. I can see that. I guess I kind of wrote that off because the risk of disaster seemed a bit overblown to me. I know it was in the middle of a drought, but surely with tons of people there at the source when it started, they’d be able to keep it from getting out of control, right? They were out doing a search in the woods in the scorching heat of summer; I’d bet all of them had at least SOME water on them.

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    1. I’m almost halfway through it and really liking it. 🙂 The references to The Dry are fun. I like that there aren’t a ton of them and you could still read this one as a standalone. It’s been months since I read The Dry, so the plot’s a bit fuzzy for me at this point. lol

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  2. You’ve inspired me to start doing a WWW post every Wednesday too!! Also, dying to read Ghosted & The Woman in the Window, and your reviews are making me add more books to my neverending TBR list (which is already over 800 book strong 😅😩)


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