I ❤️ Book of the Month!

I know I’ve talked about Book of the Month on my blog before, and a lot of you may know that I adore this subscription box. There are lot of sub boxes out there that comes with all sorts of frills and merch along the with books, but it definitely shows in the price point (Owl Crate is $29.99 a box plus shipping!) and a lot of that stuff just ends up as clutter. I’ve always loved that Book of the Month keeps things simple, sending you just a book and a bookmark each month, and the cost breaks down to $14.99 per book for brand new release, hardback books. (And you can add up to two more books each month by using another credit or opting to pay $9.99.) This service is how I’ve discovered some of my all-time favorite books (Hello, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I love you so much.)

Actual light of my life, tbh.

BOTM is now rolling out a new subscription service specifically for young adult books, and I’ve been invited to be an affiliate with them, so I wanted to take a minute to talk about Book of the Month YA!


If you sign up this month, these are the featured books. If you’re familiar with Book of the Month, you can see it has the same basic setup. The home page gives you the bare basics about each book, with little tabs to mark things like debut authors or repeat authors on BOTM. Clicking on each book will take you to a page with a more detailed synopsis.

BOTM always carries a variety of genres each month, so there should be something that catches your eye no matter what your personal tastes are. And if you’re not feeling the selections for a particular month, you can always skip it and the credit rolls over to the next month.

Book of the Month YA has a coupon code active right now to get your first book for $9.99. Enter FLEX at checkout to get the discount! If you already have a regular Book of the Month account, these selections are also available as add-ons for the regular service, meaning you’d be able to tack one of these onto your order along with one of the August adult BOTM selections. But if you primarily read YA, Book of the Month YA would definitely be the better choice for you!


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Please note that this post contains affiliate links which provide me with a small commission if you sign up after clicking on them. These do not increase the cost to you!


1 thought on “I ❤️ Book of the Month!”

  1. I think book of the month would be a perfect subscription box for me, but unfortunately they don’t ship to Europe.. 😦



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