Blind Date With a Book?

I think most people are familiar with the “blind date with a book” concept by now, but just in case, I’ll summarize. The basic concept is to get you to pick up a book you might not have necessarily chosen for yourself; books are wrapped up and a few clues are scrawled across the wrapping. These should be something vague enough that they won’t give away what the book is, but should give the reader a good idea of what kind of book to expect. Clues can be a genre, whether or not it has a happy ending, “contains dragons,” you name it.

My book club does a Christmas book swap using the “blind date with a book” style and I thought it’d be fun to share with you guys what I’m bringing and see if anyone can hazard a guess as to what book it is.

Can you guess what’s under the wrapping? And what book would you bring to a book swap like this when you don’t know who will end up receiving it? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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